Compliant Vehicles

Kishu Railway DB158 Diesel Locomotive

These diesel locomotives were used on the Kishu Railway in the 1960s. The Kishu Railway is a mini-railroad that is only 2.7 km long and is still not electrified as of 2020. The model uses realistically small 5mm wheels and reproduces the green and yellow two-color paint scheme used in the late 1960s.

Wheelbase is 9mm, so it adapts to all JokeTracks.



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[Product Specifications]

Pre-painted finished product (some parts need to be installed.) 

The body markings are already printed.

Body length: 41mm(excluding coupler) Body width: 15mm Body height: 21mm(excluding lights) Body: Plastic Motor: 3V(operating voltage 1V-3V) 



 1.Arnold Type Coupler, 2.Drawbar Hook, 3.Dummy Knuckle, 4.Drawbar, 5.Light, 6.Muffler, 7.Step, 8.Compressor


● Other manufacturers' couplers may need to be modified.

● Commercialization has been confirmed by Kishu Railway Co.

● There is a slight difference between the photo and the product.

● Manufactured by Tsugawa Yoko Co.

Choshi Electric Railway "Deki-3 Electric Loco" Bugel/Trolley

The "Deki 3" adapts to all joke trucks.

It is available in two versions: the bügel (current collector) version and the trolley pole version.

Several designs are printed on the included instant lettering to replicate the working conditions.




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[Product Specifications]

The instant lettering is printed with some of the markings as they were in service.

Some parts need to be installed.

Body length: 29mm (excluding coupler)

Body width: 16.5mm

Height: 23mm (excluding Vugel and trolley pole)

Shaft spacing: 9mm

Body: plastic

Motor: 3 V (operating voltage 1 V to 3 V)

New 2-shaft drive unit 



2 Arnold-type couplers, 2 drawbar hooks, 2 dummy knuckles, 1 drawbar, 2 headlights, 2 headlights, 2 headlights B, 4 taillights, 1 set of marked instant lettering, 1 sponge for coupler attachment


●Other manufacturers' couplers may need to be modified for installation.

Commercialization of the product has been confirmed by Choshi Electric Railway Co.

The car in the photo has been painted white on the window frames, but the product is black. Light parts and dummy knuckles are installed.

Manufactured by Tsugawa Yoko Co.

Arita Railway Koppel No.1

This model is reproduced as it was when it was actually active on the Arita Railway around 1950. The painted sliding door and door are photo-etched parts, and a white metal boiler and two Arnold-type couplers are included to serve as weights.




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  • Shipping Time(お届け日数):5~8day1

[Product Specifications]

Body length: 32mm(excluding coupler)

Width 18mm

Height: 22.5mm

Body: plastic

Motor: 4.5V(Operating voltage 1V to 4.5V) 



Painted etched sliding door/door parts/ Arnold type coupler x 2/ White metal boiler/ Plastic parts for metal boiler x 1.


*Painting and installation of white metal boiler and photo-etched parts must be done by your own.

*TN couplers can be installed. Other manufacturers' couplers may need to be modified for installation.