Set of Vehicles and Tracks

"EYEMASK" with "Deki 3" SET

JokeTracks "EYEMASK" and "Deki 3/Locomotive" are included in this set. The price is also very reasonable. Please choose a vehicle from the four types.


The photo shows a black painted model with white painted window frames, but the product for sale is black.



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Diorama making kit

Easy to make diorama kit

This kit is a handy diorama making kit using a JokeTrack "KOBBAN".

The kit contains coloured powder, which is difficult to buy in small quantities, scenery ballast and foliage, as well as an eyedropper for ballast fixation.

Ideal for first-time diorama builders and children's holiday crafts.


Only vehicles with an axle distance of less than 28mm can run on the  JokeTrack "KOBBAN". Please purchase our recommended Vehicles at the same time.


*In addition to the contents of the kit, you will also need a utility knife, styrene glue, wood glue, paper clay or plasticine, paint, and neutral detergent.


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