At our shop, we mainly sell "JokeTraks", which are extremely small rails for 9mm gauge. We will gradually increase the number of products we handle, so please look forward to it.

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Recently I have been receiving orders for "looking for Japanese products" that are not related to model trains. For example, magazines, drawings, candies, and even Shohei Otani's "Senja-fuda".

I have been taking those orders because I enjoy them too. I issue a quotation and pay in advance, but I already have regular customers.

Note: I also win auctions in Japan on behalf of my clients, but in that case, the price quoted will vary.

Attention: Restricted items for import and export vary from country to country, so please check carefully before ordering. If the item is subject to those restrictions, you will be asked to pay only a handling fee.

Kishu Railway's "DB158 Diesel Locomotive" is released.

The Kishu Railway is a local Japanese railway in danger of being abandoned. This DB158 is a diesel locomotive that was in service in the 1960s, and the livery of the locomotive has been reproduced in its original condition.

It has a two-axis drive with 9mm between the shafts, so it runs comfortably on all joketracks.